Off-grid Tiny House

Off-grid Tiny House.

For sale: Prototyped completely off-grid tiny house on purpose built galvanized trailer : Marlon Weibel 0846152735


Off-grid: Complete solar system for all your electrical requirements. 5 x 455 Watt adjustable angle solar panels

5KW Mecer Inverter with 3,6-kilowatt Lithium-Ion Battery

Brand new (6 months old); first one we’ve built. Lived in it for a few months to try it out

Stackable doors really add a lot to the spacious feel of tiny house

Doors open to a collapsible outside wooden deck. It has a Polycarp and aluminum hinged roof.

It has detachable tent sides with fly screens & window covers for the rain.

Full bathroom: hand basin, brand new 8 kg Defy top loader washing machine & portapotty (this needs to be emptied into sewerage drain or another toilet about every 3 days with 2 persons use). Plenty of cupboard space: vanity cabinet behind mirror plus 2 spacious wall mounted cabinets. Also neat sliding door with large mirror

Standard 900 x 900 mm shower

Its own gas water heating system for bathroom & kitchen

Kitchen: standard house style kitchen with basin, taps, drying board, good counter top working surface and double plate gas hob. Comes with a brand new airfryer for baking and cooking purposes. Kitchen has 5 drawers and plenty of cupboard space.

Brand new standard size Defy low energy use fridge/freezer. Kitchen has 5 drawers and plenty of cupboard space.

Clothes: floor to ceiling double cupboard with plenty of hanging space.

Solid real wooden floors coated with polyester resin.

Couch folds out into queen size bed for sleeping. Above it is more cupboard space.

Lounge: consist of L-shaped 4-seater couch with storage space underneath. Shoe compartment next to couch.

The Tiny house has a very large 55″ Samsung smart TV (141 cm). Connects wirelessly to internet

Plenty of natural light, as well as 4 motion sensors outside lights on each side of tiny house. It has both concealed / LED mood lighting and normal electrical lights.

Nose cone: the electrical system and gas water heater are situated in lockable nose cone high enough to stand in

At back side of trailer: full-length 6 x 2,45 m car port with collapsible aluminum framework with collapsible shadecloth roof

Purpose-built rack / washing line at back of trailer for wooden deck to be packed up while travelling

Also 4 galvanized adjustable stands under chassis to keep wheels off ground (while tiny house in use) while not being transported

For cold winter nights it has a portable gas Cadac heater for heating with 6 & 3,5 kg Cadac type gas cylinders

Own mobile Wifi with special roof mounted aerial that can take a data simcard from any internet provider

 Will need a least a big SUV or bakkie to tow tiny house; towing weight is around 2100 kg


For pricing or more info please contact Marlon Weibel or Juan Swanepoel

Contact Numbers: +27846152735 Or +27613682364

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